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 The You Testament is one of the best games on Android. This game comes with a story that you may have never imagined before. In this game, you will follow in the footsteps of a prophet and be in 30 historical locations.

In the game, you will try to enlighten the masses. You will find your place among hundreds of other characters and each character has their own values and loyalties. Currently the game comes with 2D graphics.

In terms of appearance, The You Testament is already quite good. Moreover, it is supported by a storyline that might be the first time you have experienced playing a game with this concept. In this game you will also study the Bible because the storyline in this game is in accordance with the Christian scriptures.

Features and Benefits of The You Testament

Some of the interesting features of The You Testament include:

1. Stories from the Bible

As explained The You Testament will tell a story based on the Bible. Every storyline or mission that you run will be based on a chapter or verse in the holy book.

For example John 18:39, Luke 11:34, Matthew 4:1, and others. In other words, during the game you will also study the Bible. Certainly playing The You Testament will give you a different experience.

Maybe you've never found a game with the same concept as The You Testament. But this is precisely what makes it fun.

2. Edit Your Character

In The You Testament, you will play your own character. You are given several options if you want to edit the appearance of your character.

Some of the options provided are hairstyles, headware, extensions, and so on. You can set it the way you want. That way, when playing it your character comes with a cool look.

3. Easy Control

To make it easier for anyone who wants to play The You Testament, the developer, McDickie, provides easy controls. Maybe at first you still need to get used to the controls in the game.

Don't worry, you can read the guide and understand every function of The You Testament's controls. Once you get used to it, you can immediately play and complete each mission.

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