Download The Latest PinoyFlix MOD APK

 When the desire arises to watch a film, often what comes to mind are Hollywood films. Even though there are also many films from other countries that are good, for example films from the Philippines are the main content on PinoyFlix.

PinoyFlix is an application that contains a collection of Pinoy films. Anyone can watch these films without having to pay a subscription fee. Even account registration is not necessary. Run PinoyFlix, select a movie, then play the movie to watch.

Features and Highlights

At first glance, PinoyFlix seems to be trying to offer slightly different content, namely by using Pinoy films as its main selling point. Following is the list of features provided by PinoyFlix:

Easy to Search for the Latest Movies

The latest films in question are not films that have just been released, but films listed on PinoyFlix. All the latest films can be found in the Latest menu which is displayed in thumbnail mode but not arranged in grid mode. Each row contains only one movie thumbnail. To browse all film titles, users must swipe up on the screen.

Can search for film titles quickly

Users who want to watch an old film and still remember the title can tap the search icon at the top right, then type the title in the column. The search results appear quickly. Other films may also appear in search results if the titles are similar.

Collecting Favorite Films

Each film title that the user likes can be collected by tapping the three vertical dots next to the title, then selecting Favorite. All film titles that have been collected can be seen in the Favorites menu. There is no information regarding how many titles can be included in the menu.

Easy to Search for Television Series

PinoyFlix has many television series. Users who want to watch television series can access the TV Series menu to browse all available titles. There are also television series in the Latest menu but they are mixed with loose film titles so searching for titles is not as convenient as in the TV Series menu.

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