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For a long time, drama has been a spectacle that can make the audience carried away by emotions. Sometimes angry, sometimes moved, sometimes laughing so hard it's hard to stop, so it's not surprising that many people prefer watching dramas rather than action films which mostly only feature fistfights. If you are a drama lover and want to watch more dramas, Doramasflix is ready to serve your wishes.

Instead of providing various genres of films and TV shows like other applications, Doramasflix's development is focused on drama content. Starting from popular drama titles to ones you may have never heard of, it's all at Doramasflix.

Features and Highlights

Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, Thai dramas and Japanese dramas are some of the types of drama that you can enjoy through Doramasflix. Everything can be watched without spending a penny. Apart from being free, there are other reasons that make Doramasflix worth trying.

Giving Ratings

Each user is given the freedom to determine a score for content. This rating can later help other users in choosing dramas. Giving a rating is the easiest way to actively participate in the Doramasflix user community.

Looking for the best

In general, everyone wants to enjoy the best spectacle. By taking advantage of the features provided by Doramasflix, you don't need to waste time looking for the most interesting shows. Activate the filter or use the search feature and the drama title you are looking for will appear immediately.

Managing Content

The content management feature in Doramasflix allows each user to organize their own content. Apart from looking neater, the content is also easier to browse. Content that was previously difficult to find can be found easily as long as it is organized properly. Considering its considerable benefits, it is recommended to set aside enough time to manage the content as best as possible.

Create a Favorites List

Compiling a favorites list is very helpful in managing content. At first it may seem like a waste of time, but in the future this list can shorten your time when you want to reminisce by watching dramas that you have watched in the past. Dramas that you probably won't watch anymore can be deleted from your favorites list so that the list isn't too long.

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