Download Townsmen MOD APK Terbaru

 Townsmen is a simulation game where players will assume the role of a King. If you've been looking for a simulation game where you can play the role of a King and build a city, this game can be a recommendation that's right for you. Here, you can explore various locations to do construction.

The graphics offered are quite attractive with a medieval feel with cool pictures. You can see the view of the city from a distance and build the city according to your wishes. There are various cool features that can be enjoyed. See further explanation below.

Features and Highlights

Townmen is a game that lets you become a King and is tasked with building a great city for the people. Your job is to construct buildings, produce crops to boost the economy, and make the residents happy. Here, you can also build various infrastructures that the villagers need.

Starting from horse arenas, pubs, markets, amusement parks, and other infrastructure. Beautify the city with a variety of luxurious ornaments such as majestic statues, majestic monuments or even lush gardens. Don't forget to be aware of hidden dangers such as regional bandits, city colonization and others. Here is a further explanation of its features:

Manage City

As King, of course, your duty is to build, manage, and develop your old city in your own style. You also have a mission to build barracks and watchtowers to protect the city. Recruit powerful warriors to protect the people from enemies who want to destroy the city.

This game will start from scratch so you will create small cities and infrastructure first, try to make money, and slowly expand the city. Townsmen has a great storyline, various scenarios and challenging missions.

Develop City

You can develop your city by creating a lot of productive land such as metal ore mines and fertile land to build farms. After that, harvest and sell your agricultural products to make money. This game money you can use to expand production, build new infrastructure, improve city facilities, and more to develop the city.

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