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 Banking needs are often a need that is always the main attraction, especially for those of you who have to make transactions every day, generally when making transactions such as checking the remaining balance until transfers you are required to visit the nearest ATM. However, you can also visit the Bank to make transactions at the Teller (if you don't have a debit card).

The era of digitalization has also expanded to the financial sector, one of which is banking. Knowing the increasingly urgent needs of customers makes the bank inevitably have to find the best solution to overcome the problem, one of which is time. Time problems such as queuing have always been a problem that seems to have become an open secret, you as a customer have to stand in line to get service either at an ATM or a bank directly.

One solution that is widely used is to present a virtual bank, or use an application to get services as if you were visiting an ATM or bank. Currently, many banks have launched applications that allow you to make transactions using only the application.

The advantages and features of BRImo BRI

BRImo BRI (formerly known as BRI Mobile) is an application from PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia or BRI which allows you to transact easily just by using their application. With this, you don't have to spend a lot of time getting financial services at an ATM or Bank BRI.

BRImo BRI offers a variety of attractive advantages especially for you customers from BRI, by using BRImo BRI you can easily carry out transaction activities such as checking the remaining debit card balance, making transfer transactions to fellow BRI or to other banks, to top up your credit or prepaid card data . BRImo BRI features can be seen below:


Sending money now no longer needs to leave the house and visit the nearest ATM, only by using a cellphone connected to an internet signal you can easily send money using BRImo BRI.

Reload phone credit

You can use BRImo BRI as an application that can top up your pulse and internet quota, there are many operator options to choose from. In addition, payments will use the BRI debit card balance that you are using. Easy isn't it?

Easy & Free Access

The great thing is, you can easily open an account and register for BRImo BRI easily without leaving the house to visit the nearest BRI branch office. Only by registering an account according to what is requested, after that the BRImo BRI account is ready to use.


You forgot to bring cash? No need to worry, you only need to open the BRImo BRI application and scan the QR that you have. the payment method will be deducted from your BRI ATM balance. Easy and efficient.

BRImo Wallet

BRI has launched a feature where you can save money in electronic or digital form, by using a Digital Wallet from BRI, you can save money and make payments very easily.

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